CloudX Windows Azure Pack

Microsoft Windows Azure Pack brings Windows Azure technologies to private cloud integrating Windows Server, System Center and SQL Server to offer a self-service portal and cloud services. Mellanox CloudX™ is a group of reference architectures that allows companies to build the most efficient, high performance and scalable clouds based on Mellanox's superior interconnect and off-the-shelf building blocks (servers, storage, interconnect, and software). CloudX for Windows Azure Pack enables Microsoft's vision for Cloud OS by integrating it with Windows Azure public cloud, a hybrid cloud solution that helps enterprise transform their current infrastructure to deliver agility and cost effectiveness. With advanced offloads, acceleration, virtualization, and advanced scale-out storage features, this reference architecture provides the most efficient, multi-tenant cloud that is built on top of Windows Azure Pack using off-the-shelf hardware. Building on a familiar foundation of Windows Server and System Center, this CloudX platform offers a flexible and familiar solution that your business can take advantage of, to deliver business agility through self-provisioning and automation of resource orchestration and infrastructure management.

Solution Components:

  • Microsoft Certified Server platforms
  • Microsoft Certified Storage platforms compatible with Storage Spaces Direct
  • Mellanox ConnectX series adapter
  • Mellanox SwitchX product with 40/56GbE Support
  • Microsoft Windows Azure Pack


  • Application Acceleration: Unlock the true power of your cloud by utilizing CPU efficiently with advanced offloads like RDMA and NVGRE with speed up to 100GbE
  • Storage Acceleration: Get the best of Storage Spaces Direct with RDMA by reducing SQL query response by 50% or data backup by 2x times faster. (See how Microsoft accelerates storage on Azure Cloud)
  • Faster Disaster Recovery: Live migrate the virtual machines using RDMA without affecting your application’s performance
  • Hybrid Cloud : Get the best of both worlds, by easily extending CloudX Microsoft private cloud to external resources run on Azure public cloud for your application

How to Purchase