Mellanox CloudX™ is a cloud platform that is built using off-the shelf building blocks - servers, storage, interconnect, and software that together comprise the best and most efficient cloud.

Mellanox CloudX™ OpenCloud Architecture

Mellanox CloudX™ can be based on top of open-source environment that enables the installation, provisioning, diagnostics, and maintenance of the cloud in the Data Center.

Mellanox CloudX™ OpenCloud Architecture Example


  • Off-the-shelf components
    - Servers, storage, interconnect, software
  • Mellanox 40/56Gb/s interconnect
    - InfiniBand and Ethernet
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Latest CPU technology

OpenStack Components

  • Nova compute
  • Network controller node
  • Storage node - Cinder & Ceph
  • Mellanox OpenStack plug-ins