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Onsite Cabling Services

Professionally Structured Cabling for Top Quality Results

The Mellanox Professional Services team offers exemplary structured cabling services consisting of caging and suite, building, or campus cabling infrastructure installations.

Let us deploy your cable plant so you can enjoy a professional, high-quality outcome with superior value and satisfaction.

Why choose Mellanox Delivery Team?

Cabling solutions are often taken for granted. However, most major Server and Network vendors, representing the majority of the performance computing market, emphasize that their devices will never reach their full performance potential if the cabling plant is not implemented properly.

The Mellanox Services team has a comprehensive understanding of data center standards, cabling objectives, and Mellanox and non-Mellanox components. The Mellanox Services team has vast and multi vendor experience in large cluster engagements, an experience that has been leveraged to deliver cable plant installations  deployed with the highest standards, while allowing maximum network performance, ease of maintenance, and error free operation.

By retaining Mellanox Services to deploy your solution, our team of experts enables you to focus on your core business while we do the heavy lifting. Our all-inclusive Professional Services offerings reduce time to production, saving you time and money, and increasing your ROI.

By choosing Mellanox Services you will get:

What do we do?

Any well-planned network should begin with a logical network design and a physical network design. Mellanox services will prepare all design documents to ensure that all your servers, Ethernet switches, InfiniBand switches, and storage are accounted for. We will also review the physical network design: floor plans, rack elevations, infrastructure details and detailed cable Information including physical cable routes, lengths, and spares.

Mellanox Services will provide cable recommendations; generally fiber cables are employed for inter-rack runs due to their ability to traverse greater distances and smaller diameter. Intra-rack cables will most often be passive copper cables as they are less costly and ideally suited to shorter runs.

For large multi-tiered fabrics with high-density Core/Director switches it will be necessary and required to house the chassis in its own rack; we recommend sourcing extra wide racks.

Cable management comes in different sizes; Mellanox will work with you to review manufacturers’ specifications. We recommend sourcing large enough systems to account for the great number of cables and diameters.

When employing Mellanox Services to deploy cabling, our team will work to create comprehensive p2p documentation consisting of a list of all cables to be implemented, a source and destination and bundling matrix describing every cable end point, and labeling information – as described in details below:

Cable Inventory
While planning the cable implementation, various intricacies of the logical and physical design will dictate the sourcing of many different cables of different lengths and types; the p2p will detail this information.

Labeling Information
It is crucial that all cluster elements have unique names to ensure all are connected per the design. Hence, the cable labeling should reflect the designations representing origin components and destination components, including the port the cable should connect to, cable type and length details

Package Offerings

Mellanox offers several differently sized deployment packages; each package offers the same level of service.