Mellanox Ethernet Adapter Cards

Enabling Your Data Center to Do More With Less

Flexible I/O for the Dynamic Data Center

Mellanox 10/25/40/50/56/100 world-class Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Cards(NIC) deliver high bandwidth and industry-leading connectivity for performance-driven server and storage applications in the most demanding data centers, public and private clouds, Web2.0 and Big Data applications, as well as High-Performance Computing (HPC) and storage systems.

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ConnectX®-6 EN 200Gb/s Adapter Card

Intelligent ConnectX-6 adapter cards, the newest additions to the Mellanox Smart Interconnect suite and supporting co-design and in-network compute, introduce new acceleration engines for maximizing cloud, Web 2.0, Big Data, storage and machine learning applications.

ConnectX-6 EN provides two ports of 200Gb/s for Ethernet connectivity, sub-600 ns latency and 200 million messages per second, enabling the highest performance and most flexible solution for the most demanding data center applications.

ConnectX®-5 EN Adapter Supporting 100Gb/s Ethernet

Intelligent ConnectX-5 EN adapter cards introduce new acceleration engines for maximizing high performance, Web 2.0, cloud, data analytics and storage platforms.ConnectX-5 supports two ports of 100Gb/s Ethernet connectivity, sub-700 nanosecond latency, and very high message rate, plus PCIe switch and NVMe over Fabric offloads, providing the highest performance and most flexible solution for the most demanding applications and markets.

ConnectX®-4 Lx EN Programmable Adapter Card

The ConnectX-4 Lx EN programmable adapter can be used to accelerate security applications, deep packet inspection, compression/decompression and many other functions that require data acceleration engines to improve performance in modern data centers, private and public clouds, Web 2.0 infrastructures, telecommunications, and high performance computing applications.

ConnectX®-4 EN: The 100GbE Adapter Card

ConnectX-4 EN Network Controller with 100Gb/s Ethernet connectivity, provide the highest performance and most flexible solution for highperformance, Web 2.0, cloud, data analytics, database and storage platforms. The ethernet adapter card provides exceptional high performance for the most demanding data centers, public and private clouds, Web2.0 and BigData applications, and Storage systems, enabling today’s corporations to meet the demands of the data explosion.

ConnectX®-4 Lx EN: The Unmatched Flexible Adapter Card

ConnectX-4 Lx EN Network Controller with 10/25/40/50Gb/s Ethernet connectivity addresses virtualized infrastructure challenges, delivering best-in-class and highest performance to various demanding markets and applications. Providing true hardware-based I/O isolation with unmatched scalability and efficiency, achieving the most cost-effective and flexible solution for Web 2.0, Cloud, data analytics, database, and storage platform.

ConnectX®-3 Pro Programmable Adapter Cards

Mellanox Programmable adapters provide users with the capability to program an attached FPGA to the ConnectX-3 Pro network adapter device, taking advantage of ConnectX-3 Pro enhanced application acceleration and high speed network. The Programmable ConnectX-3 Pro Ethernet adapter cards support 10/40Gb/s Ethernet connectivity with hardware offload engines. The attached FPGA and memory are accessible through the PCI Express Gen 3 interface or the network interface for full flexibility.

ConnectX®-3 Pro EN Adapter Cards

ConnectX-3 Pro EN 10/40/56GbE adapter cards with hardware offload engines to Overlay Networks ("Tunneling"), provide the highest performing and most flexible interconnect solution for PCI Express Gen3 servers used in public and private clouds, enterprise data centers, and high performance computing.

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